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    SolidSCB wrote:
    Ooh here's one. The story in the MGS series (and specifically MGS2) is perfectly understandable, anyone who didn't understand what was going on clearly didn't bother following/listening.

    Disclaimer: this isn't a 'you just don't get it' post. You can like or dislike it all you want, it's completely bonkers, but it is perfectly understandable within its own universe if you bother keeping up.
    MGS2 revealed how fucking anime MGS was, that I'm pretty sure the coherency of MGS1 was a fluke or he fired whoever was working with him.

    And that is 'you just don't get it' post. I can't remember many things from MGS series nowadays, but I remember it's not perfectly understandable without copious amounts of backstory and logic that wraps around itself in regards to completely illogical events regarding triple(or even quadruple?)-agents, stupid deaths or stupidly long end-games.
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