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    vizzini wrote:
    Are mods really reverse engineer games to improve them beyond developer programming?
    No. If you're talking about dark souls, all the 'modder' did was swap the dx dll from another game and tweaked it so it accepted commands from the accompanying ini file. More of a cludge than a proper mod.

    Was sub-HD Dark Souls just too much for From Software to deliver?

    No. That's exactly what they delivered.

    Or yes, HD was more than they could deliver.

    Can't make head nor tail of your double negatives, but either way they're poor developers with very little technical ability.

    Has unreal engine and MT framework gone backwards now they can't use 8 logical core cpus on PC(yet can use 6 and 8 on 360 and PS3?
    No point. But in order to get the consoles to run at anywhere near acceptable speeds, they had to do everything they could to squeeze every last bit of performance out of the decrepit junk.

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