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    neilqpr wrote:
    Felgrom was Mondays news, I'm all about Lugbol now, he's AWESOME.

    Well he is against AI, I'm sure I'll get battered by humans. I'll hopefully be on tonight.
    Played as Lugballs last night, and actually managed to kill some actual people with him - it was especially gratifying hunting down and repeatedly killing Gandalf with him, for some reason. A sort of battle of the wizardy-people in the middle lane that I actually won, for a change.

    Played a few games with RedSparrow's pal Colino last night, and he told me that generally in MOBA's you get two players going Top lane, two players going Bottom lane and one 'Enchanter' type character levelling solo in the middle lane - this allows characters like Gandalf and Lugballs to farm all the 'mobs' for themselves, allowing them to level up more quickly, as if they get outranked by other players they are much less effective, but if they can level more quickly then their powers, especially the support and status-effect ones, can really swing the battles, so it is 'good form' to allow them the XP from farming the middle lane to themselves.

    Also, not sure if LB's Orc was, um... Mozgog? Is that his name? He seems a pretty straightforward character to use too - plenty of angry, hulk-smash type damage and fairly resilient, although none of the subtleties of powers that many of the characters have. This isn't a bad thing, as he can wade in to any conflict and kill any Guardians that are committed to, distracted by or weakened from another fight.
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