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    neilqpr wrote:
    Has anyone messed around with Felgrom? He's nuts, suicide bomber who can also set himself alight damaging others and himself. You die a lot but I'd say in the right hands he could be very damaging.
    I had a custom game with him last night - he's a really different character to play, that's for sure. Short range basic attacks are of medium power, but his other attacks are just plain different - he can set himself on fire, a toggle on/off attack that burns anyone nearby for a not-bad amount of damage, as you steal some of their health and burn away more of your own. He has a 'trap' attack where he plonks down a barrel which causes KNOCKEDUP or whatever it's called to anyone who walks over it, and he has a thrown ranged attack where he chucks a bomb that briefly stuns and mildly damages targets in the distant circle it affects. His fourth, 'ultimate' power is to blow himself up, doing a lot of damage to any enemies nearby. It's more powerful in the earlier part of the game where it can kill lots of soldiers or Guardians who have been weakened, but it seems less effective as everyone else levels up.

    It's really hard to play as him solo - he doesn't really have any attacks apart from suicide that do gank levels of damage, but his burning attack can be devastating to soldier-mobs and if you can survive long enough near to other guardians it does keep chipping away at them. It is fun to play as him, but I'm guessing a carefully planned loadout and teamwork is the way to get the most out of it.

    As for connections and stuff, I'd say I've had more disconnections post-patch than pre-patch from my brief experience of it, and although I can generally find a game in Battlegrounds, and they seem to have reduced the wait times overall, it's been harder to get into Elite Battlegrounds, especially with 2-4 players.
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