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    To my shame, I struggle in the practice games I have with Lugbol as an AI. Especially if I'm Eowyn or something - even with Gandalf and myself ganging up on Lugbol he's a tricksy bast to take down, especially if you can't stop him getting back to his own tower.

    I think I was wrong about Rooting - the process of freezing enemy Guardians in place - I've been doing rooting too late, actually, when I should do it early and then unleash whatever other powers I have, and close in for basic attacks too - has netted me many more AI kills anyway - can't really play online during normal hours so I'm just practicing. I know that playing real people is always much more challenging.

    Might use Legolas again, his ability to stay far away at the beginning, but still cause damage with the bow is pretty cool, although he obviously gets in trouble if he gets swamped at close quarters. Also he seems like a wimp, so could be good to lure enemies back towards somebody hiding in the bushes.
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