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    Bloody Hell.

    So, if you've got two 2-slot relics, right, then the slot that the right-hand gem covers is the level at which each is activated.

    So, Relic one will be activated on the second slot of the belt, at level 4, and relic two at the fourth slot of the belt, at level 8.

    If you had a 2-slot followed by a 4-slot, then they'd activate at levels 4 and 12.

    I wish I could draw a picture of it


    Where A is level 10, C is 12 and E is 14 so it doesn't get out of line.

    It would probably start something like that, being empty belt.


    Each gem X would activate as you reached the levels shown beneath them.

    Is a belt full of just single gems.


    This is a belt with three 2-slot relics denoted as |XoX| and a single X Gem. The right-most number relating to the Gem is that when the entire relic, and its constituent gems, are activated, I THINK.

    SO - The relics would be activated at levels 4, 8, and 12, with the final single gem activating at 14, if my diagram lined up properly.

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