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    -Warp available from the beggining (if bonfires are still part of the game)
    I'd rather keep it for later in the game. Make the player suffer/learn a bit more in the earlier bits. Dark Souls gets it about right, although I'd have disagreed with myself several times on the long trek back from Quelaag.

    -More levelling up in covenants and more awards for staying loyal to the covenant. (This would mean people would stay with covenants for longer, and in theory increase longevity of the game)
    definitely. The Covenants idea is a really good one, should be explored more thoroughly

    -An item which allows you to invite or invade people on your friends list. (That can be obtained after your first playthrough.)

    I'd prefer not, I think. It's already pretty easy to do this, provided you're careful where you put the sign and are on similar levels. Would definitely not want an easy way to generate situations where a low level starting character summons an SL200 friend, gets going on the dried finger and sits back to watch the souls come rolling in. There's enough of that already.

    There are a load of wee things I'd change, haven't thought up anything radical... apart from I would like a feature introduced, which only I can use, where I can send syphilis over the internet, into someone's joypad and on into their body as punishment for being a ganking twat.
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