#9127824, By ubergine What should Sony/Microsoft's strategy be ahead of WiiU?

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    As someone who played each Nintendo platform in turn since about 1988, yes, the Wii is a piece of shit. Or maybe I got too old one day.

    The console launched with fuck all and took years to bring out real titles.

    Metroid Prime 3 showed the control scheme's potential and there was never another one.

    Mario Galaxy was good. Skyward Sword just made me wish it looked and read like Wind Waker which was superior in every way I can imagine.

    Nintendo made record, ludicrous profit that made them for a time Japan's number one company. They didn't roll a penny of that into ramping up game production, courting third parties, or anything else that might have given Wii an adequate stream of fresh content. They didn't even bring out many GameCube ports and took years to do it. Their attitude to online is an embarrassment. Their virtual console titles that don't upscale
    are pathetic rip-offs. Their pricing is insulting. The Wii HD is three years too late. The classic controller is a piece of shit.

    And Mario Kart Wii is the worst racing game ever. Bland courses with wide tracks to account for sloshy motion controls, padded out with ported tracks "because it worked on DS!" - giving the full price console game less content over all than the superb handheld game.

    They failed to make an iterate/improve sequel to Excite Truck. They made no attempt at an F-Zero game or even a port of GX. There was no Rogue Squadron game.

    The Wii has no ethernet port on it, no hard drive in it, and now the follow up doesn't have a hard drive either. They might as well be using cartridges still.

    When the new Xbox gets announced around march next year after initial leaks, and screens are shown off, the Wii U will probably cease to even have ports of last year's 360 games to look forward to, as third parties probably won't want to bother trying to get their games to work on weaker hardware than they originally made it for.

    IF nintendo pulls out some new Skylanders-rip-off that uses Pokemon figurines on the NFC thing, then their profits may be secure until they get inventive again. That's if the fickle fad market decides it still gives a toss about Pokemon.
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