#9124074, By famous_roy We need a Game Artist!

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    kdsh7 wrote:
    I think it's appropriate for EG, you'd think there'd be a lot of people looking for a role in game art here. Especially at a studio as respected as Preloaded.

    That said it'd be hilarious if next year, at some TIGA or BAFTA event, Preloaded went to accept an award for a game based on the art of Load_2.0 :)
    Cheers Kev, appreciate the kind words :)

    You'd think so! Just thought EG community likes indie games and are a decent bunch. It's a very cool job, I posted here as if it's someone who's crazy into games that's a massive bonus!

    I'm [link=https://twitter.com/#!/papercaves">papercaves on the Twitter. This is mah

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