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    Watching Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch Drunk Love the other day, he seems to have pioneered the use of artificial anamorphic lens flare in that film.
    Granted, it had a thematic reason to be there, but that didn't stop it being fucking annoying.

    JJ is a cunt with the flares. I had to stop watching 'FRINGE' as there were flares at the edges of the images when they where in a large tent with no light sources.
    "WHERES THE FLARE SOURCE?" I would madly scream at the screen, making me look like an idiot.

    But it drives me mad. I like to dabble in Indie filmmaking, my contempories never stop using fake lens flare and film flashes/burns. It's ridiculous to the point of destroying their work.
    And it's been popularised by JJ Abrahams.
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