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    spudsbuckley wrote:
    The first one was ok but it was pretty much a reskinned KOTOR game.
    Considering how many people appear to have played both, I am surprised that this point isn't raised more often, as huge amounts of game design and function are directly transplanted from KotOR1.

    And the reapers could have been monstrous, ancient, unfathomable, epic entities, but that all went out of the window during ME1 when one of them sat down to have a little old natter with a human, politely answering all of his questions in English.

    I have a long list of problems with ME2 that could have been easily avoided, but the truth is that I started up a second game straight after completing it the first time, and the episodic nature of the missions both surprised and pleased (most were about 45 minutes, so I could enjoy one or two or three as time allowed) oh god why am I talking about ME again surely this has all been covered a gazillion times already when's the DF face-off between the trilogy and the originals?!
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