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    See, I am the other way round ...

    ... the Nexus 7, which is a superb little device is, for me, too bulky whereas the weight - 340g (a shy over 30g heavier than the iPad mini) - is perfect; not too light and just the right heft to feel like it's a solid piece of hardware.

    If the iPad mini becomes a little bit heavier, I'd truly be quite happy however, if they make it thicker, I would be disheartened.

    More than anything, it isn't the resolution that lets the iPad mini down, it is the washed out colours and the clarity of the photos you view on the photos application or on the Internet; the Guardian photos app is a great example to see why the screen looks quite poor.

    I really hope Apple doesn't go ahead and try to make the iPad mini as powerful as possible because the small, thin and light form-factor is the reason why the product was made in the first place.

    The next new iPad should hopefully retain the very same stuff inside the current one (number 3 or 4?) and try to make the actual design similar to the iPad 2. That was the perfect blend of thinness and weight for me!
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