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    Facepalm wrote:
    And I'm on a mission to do all my christmas shopping before the end of november and have them all wrapped, as I'm mega busy in December and working over Christmas :(
    Right, so clearly within the next 24 hours is perfectly acceptable if you have to do your shopping before the end of November. And that's at the absolute latest, for all I know names have already been handed out.

    Facepalm wrote:
    I'm off this years list then. Merry Christmas to you too.
    Wait, what? So what you really meant was you absolutely, 100% have to do your shopping tomorrow. Fair enough I suppose, that's your right. You're still being respectful enough :)

    Facepalm wrote:
    I'm off the list. Don't send me an address.

    I'm out.

    Boo being a selective dick head.
    Ah, no you're not. You're calling a kind forumite who successfully ran this last year and is doing so again names, just because you have to do your shopping on a specific day. Rather uncalled for, isn't it?

    Sure, I know that really it isn't any of my business, but I don't think you're being fair at all to Boo, so I'm hoping you'll be offensive towards me instead for poking my nose in :p Not that Boo will take you seriously of course. Boo is wise.

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