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    Carlo wrote:

    Hammering the screen eventually lets you play the game which works fine. Once you clear all the squares, the screen goes completely blank again.

    The game also has no background or anything else apart from the grid of blocks.

    I'll review this once it's all working, but for my kids, I suspect the dozen other matching games they've already played would be enough already, and this needs to have something more to offer then what they already have for free.

    Being able to put family faces picked off your photo album would be excellent, for example!
    hmmm that sounds like bit depth/resolution being the issue here....i saw something similar on a motorola droid i tested on...yeah the game does need some different features and they will come...the photo idea isnt bad at all but i have a few other things up my sleeve to include first.

    Put away those firey biscuits

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