#9055654, By TarickStonefire Booth Babes and the Expo

  • TarickStonefire 4 Oct 2012 14:26:11 3,789 posts
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    I'd be happy to see the end of this 'phenomenon'. Just makes me embarrassed to be a fan of whatever pursuit it is that's employing them, be it games or anything else.

    I've never bought a single issue of any of those mags like T3 or Stuff, for two reasons. First, I doubt there's anything in there I couldn't find out for free on the internet. And second, putting half-naked women on the front to hold the items that are featured in the magazine just seems pathetic to me.

    Blatant Referral Link Ahoy! 10% off YNAB 4! I love it, but then I would say that.

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