#9052700, By Cosplayer Booth Babes and the Expo

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    As a female cosplayer who has always loved Eurogamer, I feel really sad that this has happened. I spend ages making costumes and things to support my games. As a female fan of many of the games at Eurogamer, I love to show my support by being creative and fun. Especially since there are so few women who attend these events, I love seeing how booth babes are dressed and how cool they look as various ingame charecters. It's part of the theatre of the event. Now I am worried if I show up dressed as Lara Croft or a charecter who wears armour I'll be taken aside and made to put on leggings or something.

    I feel embarrassed, ashamed and unincluded.
    Let the games speak for themselves? Are you going to stop companies give away laptops when their games have nothing to do with them? You going to set a limit on how expensive booths can be? It seems the only thing you have done is made the girls who did show up, feel even more awkward. Thanks a bunch.
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