#9029051, By Ryze Your top 3 'must listen' albums - the past 3 years, and EVER!

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    morriss wrote:
    Ryze wrote:
    OK - just like the games one - post your top 3 must listen albums, the loose genre they fall into, and also the best recent albums you've heard.

    Why? Are you going to buy them all? Or are you making a list?
    To be honest - yes - I'm going to 'listen' to most of these, and buy my favourites on either Vinyl or CD depending on when I buy them over the next 10 years.

    I'm not kidding. I want the best of music (that I enjoy the sound of). I already need to get the best of pre 1980s music - I've not heard a lot of what came along before I was born, but I also need to catch up on the best of the past few years, as I've not been listening, and also buy the best of the stuff I heard as a kid.

    This is great so far, guys, so keep going.

    I may well post other 'Top 3s', under a different heading, as the 3 I posted are pretty hardcore Eastcoast 90s HipHop. There's obviously a lot more to music than that.
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