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    Det är nog fel av mig att klandra det för att det är linjärt (för att vara shooter) när jag tänker efter. Det är snyggt men... jag orkar inte ens skriva om det liksom. Den känslan. Jag klistar in nåt jag läste på Metacritic som motsvarar den känsla jag fick själv

    This should not be called Crysis 2: this game is nothing like its predecessor. It is, in fact, far inferior to Crysis in almost every way. The first game didn't have a stellar story, but this story is even worse. It is convoluted. It is also riddled with plot holes and continuity issues. Seriously, modern authors suck ass. The aliens aren't even the same ones that were featured in the first game. WTF? The game also loses the vaunted sandbox nature of its predecessor. That incredible ability to approach the situation from any conceivable angle is now gone; you only have two options in this game. You can either use armor and go in with your guns blazing, or you can use stealth to sneak by everyone, possibly killing him or her silently along the way. Moreover, the environment is now completely static. Lampposts stay standing after enduring a round of swarmer missiles; buildings don't deform after taking a shot from a tank. The list goes on and on. This destructibility was present in the first game. Why isn't it here now?
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