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    Pro mode explained:

    "I bought it. You get full access to the table menu: settings, tests, the whole shebang. Unfortunately the camera is in floating mode while the coin door is open, which makes the light tests less interesting than they might be. Also you can't use the ball-movement feature in conjunction with the operators menu, which would have been nice.

    You also get a table inspection menu, but it's very limited. Views in one direction only (straight up the table) and limited panning and zooming. No back glass view (a crying shame, that).

    The pro tips are very limited. About 15 pages in the same format as table instructions. You'd get much more from the Strategy and Tactics threads on the forums here.

    For what you get, it's way overpriced. It would have been better as a reward for completing the wizard goals."

    From here. Sounds like a complete con to me, despite Arabian Nights being by far my favourite table.

    Good news about Twilight Zone coming soon though.

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