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    I think your best bet with the power supply is to take the console into Maplin or something and ask them what will work (and/or find the power specs online and take those in). There's a lot of misinformation about the power supply, a lot of people say it's the same as the other regions or that the MD1 power supply will work and it's all untrue - for a start it won't even fit, but even if it did the polarity was reversed on this model so even if you made it fit it would just blow your console up. EG's otherwise good retro console article made this mistake and they haven't fixed it, even though I emailed them about the error.

    Think it's all because the Super Famicom was the defacto imported SNES, and apart from the power supply it is identical to the US console.

    Anyway, that's a good price for a US SNES. Care to share the item number for any nosey EGers who may or may not be reading this thread?
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