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    Patch Review!

    SMG – Awesome killy. Huge improvement for LA and Infil who like to get up in your face. Kind of makes the shotguns useless though.

    HUD Colours – Completely confusing but much better. It’s easy to tell at a glance what’s going on, but my age old instincts to shoot red things (I’m TR) is a problem.

    Outpost Spawn Rooms – I love them. Much better. However, some bases are now insanely hard to take because of spawn room positioning (TR Alloys was always a bitch, but those giant spawn room windows and the easily defensible cap room are silly).

    Tower Improvements – Looks nicer and there is no real camping the spawn doors anymore (I especially hated the top floor camp) but no harder to take. Not even slightly.

    Base Changes – Did I miss something? Apart from the new backdoor on the spawn room I don’t see anything else? I think I must have missed the tunnels somehow? Anyway, no change to cap speed particularly.

    Base Rotation – The former Vanu position on Indar where the TR is now is fucking terrible. How did you guys ever play from there? The terrain is shit. Also that tank magnet hole at the outpost near your warp gate; the little valley which looks like you can drive through but just sucks your tank into a hole and blows you up. Annoying. But I think the warp gates should be rotated monthly – it’s fun to see other sides of the map.

    Anti-Air XP – Why? I mean… I love it… but why did you create this epic farming method? It’s only 30XP for a good hit but in a burster or with HA rockets I can munch up a huge amount of XP without any effort at all. Making XP from popping planes was not hard to begin with.

    Lag – Are you shitting me with the slide show? It’s awful now in some areas.

    Turrets – All broken. I haven’t found a single base turret which shoots now (it fires but nothing comes out) and it seems to be 50/50 whether a tank turret will fire. I think this is something to do with lag, but it’s annoying as hell. Game killing almost.

    Sound – Is it just my imagination or did the game get more bass-y? I swear some of the guns sound a little louder now. Not the Vanu torches, obviously, they still sound like shit.
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