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    vizzini wrote:
    Quite shocked really that Andy Murray didn't win this by an absolute landslide.

    Not quite sure what he could have done more to be deserving against the two other main contenders.

    Athleticism(fitness) and technique are one aspect of cycling and athletics, but to need all that, and need to work strategy in real-time with it, in a game of irresistible force meets immovable object in tennis is something much harder.

    I've watched the tour and olympics/athletics on and off for decades, and even taking the individual people out of the equation, sports like tennis, football, rugby, boxing and any sport that requires continuous skill, strategy and athleticism all at once 9with stamina) rate far higher than sports that are 90% putting one foot in front of the other with whatever nature gave you (imho).
    That probably sounded good when you wrote it, but what a load of bollocks.
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