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    So I played 3 games last night, and in between each game I played a game of launchFIFA.

    First off, yes it's the same engine as launchFIFA. No there isn't any tactical defending. Yes the features are as sparse as before. But for all of this, it does play a slightly better game. I'm not sure why that is, perhaps the fact it's a tad smoother in game. Not by a lot, not a lot at all, but enough to notice when playing side by side.

    The important thing is, it does play a good game of football. It's fun and it's quite arcady (this is FIFA circa FIFA 10/11) and I'm fine with that. Is it as good as the new console versions? No, but for a game of footy on the move it's not bad at all.

    Would I buy the new one if I already had the old one? Probably not.
    Would I buy the new one if it was a choice of either... Yeah, but not if there is a difference of 20-30 in price!
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