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    Well everybody has a few of those stories though I really can't see what was wrong with Fallout3 or especially Bioshock.

    - Assassins Creed franchise: well a game about assassinations is fine with me but shouldn't the assassinations be fun and exciting then? I admit I only played part 1 in its entirety (stopped part 2 somewhere in the middle) but the fact remains that I found them both boring and the entire Animus storyline seemed like major hogwash...ah well not to mention the time when the good women and men of Ubisoft were so nice to stop me from playing my rightfully purchased game while crackers had a good laugh at me...but that's another story entirely...

    - TES Oblivion: First let me say that I loved Morrowind and all its addons. I certainly played far over 100hours in the world of the Dunmer and it is fair to say that the game influenced the way I perceived any other game (especially rpg) from that moment on in a major way. Then a few years later I was almost as nervous about Oblivion as I was about Skyrim in 2011 and it was a disaster. I love the dungeon crawling, in Morrowind (and again in Skyrim) I needed/enjoyed to clear EVERY dungeon there was on the map and Bethesda just decided to make them all look a 100% alike in Oblivion which was obviously a very big downer. But not only the dungeons were horrible, what about the Oblivion portals? They were all so similarly boring that it literally hurt to clear another one of them. Adding the weaker storyline, less atmospheric and empty environment I really was devastated about Oblivion. Especially after the Gamestar (I'm German) made me think it would be the philosopher's stone of video games. Worse than that, everybody else seemed to be totally fine with the game and wondered what I was complaining about... ;)

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