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    I picked it up and have given it half an hour. My wife expressed an interest after I described it, and gave it 15 minutes of concerted effort (she's never played an FPS and couldn't get the hang on WASD for a while).

    I like it more than she does, but our comments are similar: the music is pretty intrusive after a while, there's not enough relative tranquility and there's not enough realistic atmosphere.

    For example, I enjoy it the most when I've got away from all those whining therminny trees and blipblopblipblop noises and am up in the clouds on a snowcapped peak where all you can hear is wind, and crickets at night. If there was a bit more of that, or an option to balance more towards that than the music, I would relax into it more. A lot of the music, ironically, doesn't really relax me that much.

    I did enjoy wandering a lot more than I thought I would, but after a couple of seasons I stopped being that excited because I knew I couldn't actually cause anything to 'happen' really, or discover something genuinely intriguing.
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