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    I'm curious about the above post citing a beginning, middle and end. It doesn't look like a game to me, but a software experience. As far as I can see you wander around and experience different sounds created by different bit of scenery, and that's it.

    I'm down with the idea of it, and it does look nice in motion, but I feel like I'd get really frustrated with the lack of anything to really do. I've seen a few videos on Giant Bomb so I already know what it looks and sounds like and, well... okay but I want to DO stuff, not just wander. I'd want there to be some kind of persistent mystery, clues, hints, things to work out Fez-style (ie that don't really interfere with the 'game' itself, but offer a side-mystery to get into if you want). And I'd love to discover caves and stuff.

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