#9553330, By Surely it's time for simultaneous releases? (I really hate the cinema)

  • Deleted user 7 May 2013 14:17:00

    Will you be doing a pirate world pass so that you get a guaranteed income per “yet to be announced or even conceived films” (the ultimate in preorder madness)?


    The “buzz” you speak of seems at odds with my intend reward from watching a film. Creative content is an intellectual experience between provider and consumer imo regardless of target audience or genre. To consume the content as the provider intended, yet be in a random environment with other consumers of random attention span, manners and intellect detracts from the experience. I found the latest Star wars films were significantly improved when watched at home on DVD/Blu-ray than at the cinema with a giddy buzz.

    was it a typo? :)
    Mola_Ram wrote:
    /just saw Iron Man 3 in a packed cinema, twats fantastic
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