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  • elhozzo 16 Oct 2012 10:13:32 233 posts
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    I have started to play around with this idea, living in Italy for 14 years, but keen to access the tv via internet ...

    I have so far :
    1. Got a UK/US Proxy access via my pc, for iPlayer, Sky Go etc
    2. Got it working for some things (BBC, Dave, Amazon US instant videos) via Android phone/tablet
    3. got really limited via my PS3 - for ITV it works, Crackle.com a bit, Channel 4 seems to be sound only, BBC doesn't work, nor Sky Go nor amazon US instant vids

    Ideally, I want it easily working on the main tv ... basically the order above is how 'easy/quick' it is to get it up and running (3 being the nice relaxing big screen option).. I can't be arsed to boot up my pc (takes 10 mins) to browse and find something to watch. So, I used the pc (and now the android stuff) for Thick of It, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Have I got news for you .. but if 2 and 3 worked on more sites, I would use them more...

    any tricks or tips to get the PS3 working more ? or better to connect the android/pc to the big tv ? ( I use the pc for work, so don't really want it to be integrated into home entertainment...)
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