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    meme wrote:
    It's still more expensive than more powerful chipsets that do the exact same thing (probably arguably even more mod-friendly, given some of them let you boot Linux variants like Ubuntu off an SD card out of the box), except they use Google Play so don't have an untested and fundamentally empty store.

    The enthusiasts already have it, basically. This is literally a product for no-one.
    Well... not really.

    This is like saying that there was no point in the original Xbox, and it was doomed to failure because for most of its life you could get hold of a cheapo Pentium III 733 with 64MB RAM and an Nvidia card, and play loads of PC games on it.

    Comparing phones and random ARM-based sticks and tablets to Ouya, considering the number of preorders, the controllers and the front-end with its own store is a quite naive point of view.

    The real question is of how many games the owners of this console are going to SPEND. If people buy a decent number of games for it on a regular basis, then games will continue to be developed and released for it. In a similare manner to Xbox and PC, we'll most likely see games released for Android / Google Play being released at the same time on the Ouya store. The benefit will be the standard hardware and controller, meaning that the game can be specifically optimised for the platform rather than the mess we have at the moment with Android games. Look at the difference between the Android and iPhone versions of GTA Vice City, for example.

    Getting a controller to work on most games in vanilla Android is a faff.

    A phone plugged into a TV != a games console.

    The pricepoint of this thing, bundled with a controller makes it a potential hit. Looking at the Wii's spec and comparing the price to the Xbox 360 for most of its lifespan would have you expect the 360 to wipe the floor with the Wii, etc...

    Yes it COULD fail, but it already has a better chance of success than the 3DO had before launch, for example, as it's cheap and has already sold tonnes of consoles. It's had an installed base of loads of people since last year.

    I'm curious to see what happens...

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