#9066643, By SomaticSense F1 2012 for 360, PS3, PC

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    Complete carnage. Marussia front wings magnetically attracted the barriers at both the chicane and Antony Noghes. Debris strewn all over the place. A front wing in right the middle of the fast left hander leading into the Swimming Pool complex on the final lap of the race.

    No safety car. At all. Which makes me wonder if they've actually taken it out. If not, what exactly was the point in all the wasted coding time which could've been used to fix other areas of the game?

    Also, why is the AI capable of such insane wet race pace, when I am aquaplaning like a giraffe in ice?

    It has the potential of being an absolutely stunning game, but three incarnations later, and Codies still can't get the simple stuff right.

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