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    My wife bought me the 16GB for my birthday, third day with it now and I love it. Time to browse through this thread for some case recommendations.

    Spent a good couple of hours last night trying out various RSS readers to sync with Google Reader and settled on JustReader. I use Reeder on IOS and couldn't find an Android version, but JustReader is excellent. Has a nice widget too.
    I used to use flipboard but got pissed off that its always on a white background, too bright on my nite even with brightness dialled down.  Im always on the lookout for bigger or better so I'll check it out

    At the moment I use gReader. It really is brilliant, so much so I even paid for it just to remove ads.  You can customise it to you hearts content and the big one for me was the light, dark and black themes. 
    Actually I take it back, I've dumped JustReader after finding a few annoying issues when I started using it a bit more (not very smooth scrolling, an irritating layout hiccup every time I tapped to open an article from the list view etc). I tried gReader again and found some settings I'd initially thought absent, like 'mark as read on scroll' and adding thumbnails to the article list, and after using it for a while last night I agree it's excellent.
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