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    @Armoured_Bear He also says that he is going to find out where you live and rape you hard and fast, unlubed.
    He will then make you taste him.
    As you weep and cry and call for your mother, he will drink your tears.
    You will sob in the shower, sat on the floor shaking trying to wash off the attrocity that has befallen you- you know, like Jodie Foster in that pinball rape movie and what not. At least I think she does that in that movie its been ages since I watched it. But in all rapey movies they end up doing that, it's rather clichéd if you ask me.
    Anyway where was I?
    Oh yeah, and you will never be able to wash off the feeling of guilt and shame, and you will die alone.

    smoggo wrote:

    I can't help the sexual feelings I have for my Cat. I know it's wrong but when she runs her dry furry tongue up my shaft, all my troubles melt away.

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