#8769266, By Bahamafish Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

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    Br0ken_Engli5h wrote:
    1Dgaf wrote:
    I just have an instant reaction to games witholding content like that. I understand it's cheap, but I don't like gameplay modes being held back. If they want to sell cosmetic stuff, that's fine.
    I don't really get that mentality considering just how much you do get for a tenner. It's probably the best looking XBLA game, and has more content with the base version than a lot of other titles on the marketplace.
    It feels like a full retail release, and if you want to pay full retail price, then the content is all there for you, but you can instead opt out and get a cheaper base version instead. I think it's a decent strategy, and beats paying for a full priced game, then extra for any additional bumf like you do with Capcom games.
    I couldn't agree more. This game is outstanding.
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