#8717071, By macmurphy Any money in App market for individual developers?

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    Fair one. You didn't sound like a stroker but, as you said, your word choice wasn't the best.

    I'm back to the original point that I don't know a lot about the app store so I can't give advice.

    You dont need some random tit off the internet's validation, so I'm not going to say 'I support you' or some such platitude.

    I guess all I can say is that if you are passionate about something then there are a lot of success stories on the app store and beyond. I'm guessing your age, but I figure about fifty years from now you will be dribbling your soup in a home. All you will have is memories, make them good. Life's too short, if you fancy a change then go for it. Better to give something a go and have it not work out than spend your life wondering.

    I would say look at a lot of ways to break out of the rut you seem to be in, don't just go for the one you can think off. But if you think you want to change your life, you are half way there. I hope it works out mate, if you come up with an app then post it on the forum. I've bought apps that weren't great from posters, might give you the feedback you need; a bit of cash at the minimum.

    Make it happen, if it is an app you decide on I'll buy it for shits and giggles. Good luck.
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