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    @AcidSnake Unfortunately, no. The areas you walked around in will have generate and be saved that way. The unformed chunks will generate in 1.8.2 form as far as I understand, but I imagine they won't have the structures. The result could be interersting, or just quite weird.

    I didn't get around to exploring the new eggmilf, it's a good "survival island" map now though.

    Honestly, after finding a decent 1.8 seed and coming to grips with the new idiosyncrasies of the game, I probably won't play my old seeds anyway - though lucky me mine still work, if a bit estranged now due to the weather changes.

    The abandoned mineshafts are pretty fun to explore, and the need for food has suddenly turned it into more of a city management kind of game with food production and defense a priority. For carefree / freeform building there's creative mode.
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