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    Sorry, didn't see your message yesterday...I did connect, but for a short while...I'll probably be on tonight if all goes according to plan...
    The thing about the stone I didn't know, are you sure it does this on 360 as well?
    Though it's a moot point I think, as once you've made stone you need to harvest it anyway so it'll turn to cobblestone anyway...

    Anyone know a way of smashing stone automatically with pistons so they become pick-ups?

    But anyway, rejoice! My cobblestone generator is working beautifully...Push a button and a new row of 6 blocks is pushed out...It does this 12 times though you can only mine the first 9 rows easily...
    Only problem is you need to manually press a button 9 times (not that big a deal I'd wager) but it would be great if somehow you could just make an on/off switch instead...I'd need someway of turning an on current into pulses...

    The tree farm right next to it is working great as well, I think I've fluked the right height so the trees will grow various sizes but not enormous, so harvesting means leaving just one block at the base, jumping on that and you can reach every block the tree might have made...

    Now I just need to make things a bit more aesthetically pleasing and then I can start work on the Cobblestone Express...Chestcarts filled with cobblestone delivered directly to a nearby station!
    All at the modest price of: "mine and send it yourself"!

    Does anyone know if Chestcarts need powered rail every 8 blocks as well?

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