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    I think that's hilarious: I posted about finding a huge tree a while's back and putting a bedroom in it. It was a naturally occurring tree though, I didnt find your megatree. You should make some blue wool with Lapis and put some Avatar blue-people statues around the giant tree.

    One of the perils with this game is you can dig for hours and find nothing, then return to the same area later and find oodles of good stuff that just happens to be under your staircases or behind your tunnel wall. I really need to get interested in my own worlds again, but I'm now up to 30 diamonds in my antacid scouting mission and finally found diamonds and gold in the northeast corner (which is where I left myself in acid world.)

    Here's an update of dungeon and resource coordinates:

    ubergine wrote:

    X315 Y17 Z-350

    X-47 Y21 Z-278

    X270 Y63 Z11

    X-52 Y56 Z-55

    x235 y13 z-329

    z152 y53 z-271

    x134 y23 z-265


    12 diamonds (two groups of 4 diamonds and a third visible across nearby lava )
    x196 y14 z-357

    6 Diamonds x161 y17 z-322

    3 Diamonds x149 y13 z-282

    6 gold x205 y30 z-277

    5 gold + 3 nearby x127 y33 z-287

    6 gold x165 y23 z-338

    Gold x155 y13 z-294
    I can't be arsed putting coords for every 2-3 block gold cluster because if you are following any of these other coordinates you'll find them anyway. Most of this is in the one cave system in the same general area.
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