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    Dougs wrote:
    Ilovechips wrote:
    You can choose speed online but I found it hard to find a slow game, personally I think the normal is a little slower than 12. I think the game speeds changed in 12 from demo to release. Gave up online hardly anyone plays full manual, I find slow too slow TBH.

    Thought about PES and the 9/10 and other glowing reviews, too much bother getting a PC demo, and FIFA 13 is looking quite fine, 12 played very well offline for me thanks to the sliders. The tweaks in 13 feel good to me.

    I put that 9/10 as BS, maybe 9/10 against recent PES offerings but only a return to PES 5 warrants a 9/10 for me. EA ripped off PES shamelessly added their own things, the only thing missing from FIFA is simple dynamic formation changes which is too cumbersome on the D-pad with all the other controls (a thing that made the PES of old a game changer) and it would be the perfect game in my eyes.

    Ł24.99 from Grainger Games I am happy.
    Hang on, not wanting to turn this into another Fifa vs PES yawnfest, but you're saying the review and score is bullshit without having played the demo? Top, top argument that.
    Classic fifa fan ;)
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