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    Spawned in last night just north of Electro, and found two fresh bandit corpses with map, compass, watch, hunting knife, NVG, rangefinder plus plenty of food and drink, good times. But sadly, no weapons. This left me pretty well equipped, just stuck with a winchester, a m1911 pistol and remington in my czech backpack. Anyway, while looting the corpses I hear four or five shots (I'm not good enough to tell you from what kind of gun it was) and decide to cheese it before I end up like these two bullet ridden bandits.

    So as it starts to get dark I decide now's a good time to try a stealthy night time raid on the military tents near Stary. Check my map - It's six clicks away :( So i spend all night running through forests, with my NVG's on, crapping my pants at every shadow, or bright blob that may be a person - every time it turns out to be bush failing to render properly or something due to my computers specs being pretty close to a casio watch.

    Anyway after what seems bloody ages, I get to the stary military tents and proceed to loot every single one - or at least I would have, if they weren't all completely empty. Cue panic as I realise someone must have just beaten me to it, and could be watching me blunder about the place down the sights of an AS50 or something. So I ran as fast my little newbie legs could carry me, east to the next town (sobor something or other) find some trees to hide in and log out.

    I spent about two or three hours playing the game last night, didnt see a single other player character (beyond those corpses) and not that much in the way of Zeds either (zombies are almost completely redundant at night, even more so now I have the NVG's), but it was still one of the most tense evenings of gaming I've had in years :) Must...stay....alive.....

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