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    Ran through Cherno with a hatchet, came up behind someone standing in the middle of the road with an L85 not paying attention, hacked him to death while singing Sexy and I know it in direct chat. His friend with a hatchet chased me down and killed me.

    Friend and I wandering along the coast near Electro, come across an unarmed survivor, he sees my bandit skin and AKM, panics and dives off the pier into the water below. I tell him to relax and that we won't shoot him in direct chat, I leave him some food and bandages, my friend drops her m1911 for him. We walk off, and a safe distance away look back and see him tentatively come out of hiding and collect the loot before running off into the hills. Bless :')

    Friend and I sneak up on 4 guys in a forest trying to refuel their freshly repaired helicopter. Gun them all down before they have a chance to react. Finish refueling chopper and fly around Chenarus. Skydive over cherno and get shot before I reach the ground :D.

    Yeh after seeing the end game content it's a lot more fun now to dick around near the coast without caring about dying or gear. Although having said that, one run along the western and northern edges of the map for tents and you're kitted out with nvgs, ghillies, rangefinders as50s/svds again. So much duping going on I don't think the owners even care if their shit gets looted...
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