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    Well, i think I'm done. It could be a great game, but the hacking and the random bugs just ruin the game when you're also having to deal with twats who are just camped somewhere randomnly picking off people who wander by. I cant believe I've lost everything again, and just dont have the energy to go back through it all just to die randomnly in a field somewhere. I had an AK, a G17, a Winchester, compass, map, miltary torch, morphine injector, toolbox, ALICE pack, hunting knife, matches, water bottles... so much stuff. I was just looking around the farms near Noby Sobor for wood so I could make a fire and cook some meat to restore some health and zip sniper shot - dead, no idea who the fuck shot me or from where....

    I guess the most important thing to glean from this is, dont bother playing the game AT ALL if you're not in a group - dying is just too fucking costly :(
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