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    I just spent the last hour being chased Benny Hill style across some wooded hills by a whole one zombie. I must also explain at this point I have no weapons and no idea of where to get one from. Every house I have come across up to this point has been surrounded by zeds so I've had to keep running, towing this lone zombie with me the whole time. Eventually I spy what I think may be a city in the distance, but when I get up close its only the remains of what looks like a castle, or a Russian Gulag. Queue more Benny Hill-ing around the place until I find some stairs (leading to a scaffolding type platform) to run up, thinking I'm more clevererer than the AI see, but then the zombies start walking up the stairs after me. I manage to grab some beans and a bandage from the floor, then run from the scaffolding-like platform onto the remains of the castle/gulag itself. This was a bad idea. The remains are just about wide enough for one person to walk on, with 40 foot drops on either side. I'm now stuck at the end of the wall, waiting for zombies who are slowly lurching towards me, while bleeding to death from a random zed punch, a wound which I have no idea how to treat. DEAD.

    So, what I need to know is, how would one go about finding weapons, without attracting shit loads of zeds?
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