#8637352, By HoraceGoesSquiffy Data on SIMs and Dongles - why the price difference?

  • HoraceGoesSquiffy 26 Apr 2012 20:05:37 1,563 posts
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    I use GiffGaff on my iPhone and pay Ł10 per month for unlimited data. Lovely.

    Trouble is, I'm moving into a new studio and BT are bastard slow getting the broadband put in, so I've been looking into 3G dongles as a temporary measure (I need internet access for my business). Being naive about this kind of thing, I assumed you'd be looking at similar prices, seeing as it's essentially the same thing. Less, in fact - there are no phone calls etc included.

    But no, for some reason you can't get unlimited data, and it's far more expensive! Why the hell is this? Maybe there's a reason, I don't know - someone please explain and dampen my raging sense of entitlement.
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