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    I was playing the Masters league for a bit here, and as i've told you before, i started using Barcelona, with its real players, and i noticed that they had all black boots... at first it was frustrating because all Barcelona players has some pretty sweet set of boots from Nike and Adidas and i thought it was a bad thing seeing them playing all with the black uglish ones, now that's not a big deal... NOW THE REAL PROBLEM IS when i played my first match with them, and by them i mean ALL OF THEM, they looked all pretty slow, Messi wasn't able to shoot as powerful as he usually does, basically all the players lost some running, shooting and passing ability... i checked their stats and they seem to be fine...

    So why is that? Why KONAMI doesn't let us keep their acutal boots on them? And why in the hell does it impact players' perfomance even when it's... boots, nothing more or less...

    This ML is so damn complicated, even Barcelona completely got wacked by playing with black boots, glad i didn't start with a team off the hook, otherwise i was going to be eaten alive...


    La cerise sur le gāteau!

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