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    One of the things that they have taken out, which left my and my mate slightly bewildered, was the lack of ability to " select sides" prior to a match in anything other than exhibition mode.

    We always do the ML and others as teammates and at the start of every match, have to pause the game and select "select sides" to move the controller over for player 2. Now, this is really annoying, as you never had to do it in earlier versions ( they took it out sometime at the start of the next gen editions), so someone has taken the decision to look at that, and think " yeah, they won't need to choose which team they want to play for at the start of the game, we'll just take that option out"

    Every other game, literally every other sports game, asks you at the start of any match which side you want to move your controller to!

    I could understand if it wasn't previously there, it just bugs me that they actively removed it!


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