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    I posted this in the in the Nintendo Direct E3 conference on the front page to get a rise. :)

    Itís Christmas time
    Thereís still no games for the Wii U
    At Christmas time
    When youíre twiddling youíre thumbs with fuck all to do
    And in our world of consoles we can spread a smile joy
    Develop some Wii U games this Christmas time
    But say a prayer pray for the other ones
    At Christmas time on the PS4 and Xbox One they will be having fun
    Thereís a kid outside your window and itís a kid that got a Wii U
    Where they only new game for his console came out in 2002
    And the only bells ringing with this game will be messages from Tingle
    Well tonight thank God itís them instead of you
    And there wonít be games on the Wii U this Christmas time
    The greatest game theyíll get this year is Mario oh, oh, oh
    Where nothing will ever change same old IPís same old games
    Do they know the Wii U exist at all?
    Hereís to you create a game for the Wii U
    Hereís to gamerís with fuck all to do
    Do they know that Wii U exits at all?
    Chorus: Feed the Wii U let them know that it plays games

    NNID Sid-Nice

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