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    I actually thought it might have been interesting in this game to show Kratos before he served Ares at all - maybe start by detailing his campaign against the barbarian tribes and his growing arrogance and thirst for victory as an increasingly successful Spartan commander. Maybe fight in that fateful battle where he pledges his life to Ares, and take the player through a summary of the atrocities he committed in his master's name - culminating in the accidental slaughter of his family, and the abandonment of his vows to Ares. I think we could have formed a stronger bond to Kratos' torment if the game took us through those things, rather than just pick up the threads after it's all already happened.

    But now, going forward, I don't know if I want any more Kratos. I've never liked the character, although he's fun to play as because he's so empowering. I don't doubt there will be another GoW game and I guess for what it's worth I'd like a different mythos with a different character with different motivations. Greek mythology has been exhausted now; it's definitely time to move on. But, before any more GoW is considered I'd still like to see SSM develop something completely different. Rumour has it Stig Asmussen (GoW3 director) is working on something new, so if possible I'd like to see the studio juggle two projects, like Naughty Dog is now doing.

    Hell, maybe they should pass GoW over to a completely different studio who can run creatively wild and bring a new flavour to the series. I would have loved to see what the guys from Vigil Games would have done with it, with their gameplay style mixed with SSM's technical brilliance.
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