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    Don't get too hung up on stealth, I replayed the first section constantly trying to get by without being spotted and trying to take all the guards out stealthily but there's no point beating yourself up over it. There's no incentive or reward for completing sections stealthily. Guards spot you if you're not cloaked from any distance which is, I guess, more accurate to reality but it doesn't make for a good game where stealth is a key component of playing.

    I think each combat scenario should be treated as using a variety of all your moves. You use stealth to approach and take out as many guards as possible but if you get spotted, just go all guns blazing, you're more than capable. What breaks the game is that you can be spotted, hide behind some cover for your energy to replenish, activate stealth again and because the enemy AI is dumb enough to approach you trying to find you, you can sneak around and stealth kill. It works for all enemies, all the time.

    For me, I largely play Crysis 3 for the multiplayer.
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