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    Also, Crysis 3 is good. Far better than the restrictive, series-of-shoeboxes, paint by numbers '2' but waaaay behind the gloriousness-ness-ss of the original Crysis.

    Do people forget about the average opening levels and poor closing ones when talking about the original crysis?

    Crysis's middle levels were brilliant, Crysis at it's best - huge environments, loads of freedom, but interesting with enough to keep you occupied. The earlier levels were big, but a bit sparse. And the closing levels were poor. Crysis 1 was half a great game. For me 2 was the better game overall. I'm looking forward to 3, but waiting for a price drop.
    As I played through it again recently, so I remember just fine what all the maps were like. The issue is that, Crysis is a corridor shooter trying to pretend it's not. The visuals were bland, the maps were uber restrictive and the whole thing felt like a massive step backwards.

    Crysis was good because I enjoyed being immersed in the world and discovering for myself the best tactical solution to the scenario. Crysis 2 had to paint the limited options over the screen in neon for you in every new shoe-box you encountered.

    Actually - the biggest thing missing from Crysis 2 which makes a very welcome return in 3, I can take my time! 2 was all 'GO GO NOW NOW!' and there are elements of that in 3, but I've been able to ponder and procrastinate over levels far more than Crysis 2 ever had the patience for.

    So, you may well prefer Crysis 2, but that probably means you don't like the essence that made the franchise great.

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