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  • Deleted user 9 November 2013 11:07:31
    Gambit1977 wrote:
    vizzini wrote:
    One aspect of the UK launch that Sony have completely messed up on (imo) is the lack of mega-bundles available. How can it be, that they have enough Killzone bundles to sell? Enough PS4 joypads to sell? And enough PSEye camera's to sell (eg at shopto)? But they can't use them to make up the shortfall in official mega bundles people want to buy?

    It just seems nuts to me, that Sony UK could be increasing their sales total by an extra 30-40 per customer that wants the mega-bundle deal at day one, but instead are missing out on that spend and potentially damping the launch day reaction of those customers.
    you really are a bizarre little specimen.
    Can I assume you work for shopto or Sony UK to have taken offence? OR do we normal converse by your sock account?

    The general rule of good business is to increase the spend per customer, if the customer has more to spend.

    Where I'd spend the extra 40 for the free camera and 2nd controller that come in a mega bundle. Leading to me using my move sharpshooter with KZ4 and the second PS4 pad for racing games, footy, fighting games I'm still to buy. I won't buy the camera new for 55(might get a 2nd ebay one) and will wait a long time for PS4 PES or everybody's golf before getting a 2nd pad. Sony could make it possible for retailers to use that stock to make up mega bundles.
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